Топ 10 самых популярных игр для PC в Китае (октябрь 2013)


    Топ 10 самых популярных игр для PC в Китае (октябрь 2013)

    Сайт GamesInAsia опубликовал список самых популярных в Китае игр для десктопов на основе данных за октябрь от QQ.Games. Ниже цитата с английского сайта.

    1. League of Legends. The DOTA-style competitive online game that has been immensely popular worldwide.
    2. CrossFire. China’s version of Counter-Strike (a tactical first-person shooter), another oldie-but-goodie that was actually developed by Korean devs SmileGate and released in 2007.
    3. DNF (also called Dungeon & FighterDungeon Fighter Online, etc.). A Korean-developed (Neople) beat-’em-up game that’s pretty old (released back in 2005) but still very popular in China.
    4. QQ Speed. A 2008 racer developed and released by — no big surprise here — Tencent Games.
    5. QQ X5* (QQ炫舞). A casual dance game also first released by Tencent in 2008.
    6. AgainstWar (逆战). A Tencent-developed online first-person shooter first released in 2011.
    7. Dream of the Three Kingdoms (梦三国). A fantasy battle game developed by Hangzhou-based Electric Soul and released in 2009.
    8. Asura (斗战神). A fantasy MMORPG from Tencent that’s based (loosely) on Journey to the West.
    9. New Dahua Xiyou 2 (新大话西游2). A new fantasy RPG developed by Netease and released in September that’s also based on Journey to the West (I’ve kept the title mostly in pinyin to help differentiate it from Fantasy Journey to the West 2, the other RPG sequel based on Journey to the West that Netease released this year).
    10. NBA2KOL. The online basketball game developed by 2K Sports.
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