Подборка новых китайских фильмов.

Подборка новых шедевров азиатского кино. В основном всё китайское (гонконгское, сянганское), но есть один японский фильм, с китайскими субитрами. Разбираем!

Магазета. Китайское кино - Undercover (DVDrip - 2007) - 危险人物 Wei Xian Ren Wu

Undercover (DVDrip — 2007) — 危险人物 Wei Xian Ren Wu
Язык: Кантонский | Субтитры: Китайские, Английские | 84 мин | XVid 672×368 | 163 kbps vbr mp3 | 23 fps | 700 Мб |
Жанр: Боевик/Криминал/Триллер | Produced by Andrew Lau («Infernal Affairs»)

An ex-undercover cop must confront his past sins, while avoiding reprisal from both his current cop comrades and his former triad brothers.

After reverting from undercover police in the triad, Ken (Shawn Yue) always feels that his colleagues all treat him with a bias. Ken prefers to take drugs to evade his pressure. Ah Fai (Sam Lee), the drug dealer, is the only friend that Ken can pour out his unhappiness. In an incident, Ah Fai had killed the police officer in order to protect his drugs with the presence of Ken. To avoid getting himself into any trouble, Ken makes a big mistake to destroy all the evidence by burning out the car. But he forgets his most important witness — Ah Fai. However, the result of continuously covering his mistakes are pushing himself to convict an irreparable sin …….
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