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Онлайн-лекция «Meet the Artist: Myth as a Contemporary Practice—a Conversation with Chen Dongfan»

22/07/2020 в 12:00 - 13:00


12:00 - 13:00

China is racing into the future, but the way artist Chen Dongfan sees it, mythology still looms large in its collective imagination. The Wuhan hospitals built with lightning speed to address the coronavirus, for example, were named Thunder God Mountain and the Fire God Mountain. Chen is fascinated by the role that mythology plays in contemporary society: from the Mexican Muralists’ interest in Prometheus to pop TV fantasy and sci-fi that takes on folkloric characteristics. In this thought-provoking conversation, the artist shares with curator Xin Wang how mythology informs his graffiti-like murals (he transformed Chinatown’s Doyers Street in 2018 into a celebration of color) and perspectives on being a recent immigrant artist. Chen’s work looks deeply at contemporary culture, and asks, is our subconscious still driven by ancient mythological beliefs?