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Серия онлайн-экскурсий по китайским университетам от Института Конфуция

28/04/2020 в 08:00 - 22/05/2020 в 17:00


28/04/2020 в 08:00
22/05/2020 в 17:00

Affected by coronavirus pandemic, students from many countries have postponed the reopening of schools and not able to participate in activities of HSK study abroad and employment exhibition. In order to further satisfy the desire of HSK candidates and overseas Chinese language learners to know about Chinese universities, to experience Chinese culture and communicate with each other, CTI has launched the culture tour jointly with dozens of famous Chinese universities via Confucius Institutes Online, Bilibili, YouTube and other platforms.

Activity Content:

1. Go into a Chinese university
2. The beauty of Chinese art
3. Online HSK study abroad exhibition

Activity Language: English + Chinese

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