Berkshire Encyclopedia of China: Большая энциклопедия Китая (5 томов, 2800 страниц)

Энциклопедия Китая от издательства «Berkshire» в пяти томах — Linsun Cheng, «Berkshire Encyclopedia of China: Modern and Historic Coverage of the World’s Newest and Oldest Global Power (5 Volume Set)».


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In five large-format volumes and nearly 1,000 expert-written articles, the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China provides unrivaled insight into Chinese history and culture today in nearly a thousand fascinating articles that include everything from Adoption and Banking to Wound Literature and Zhou Dynasty. China is changing our world, and Berkshire Publishing, known for its award-winning encyclopedias on a wide array of global issues including the award-winning six-volume Encyclopedia of Modern Asia, is proud to publish the first major resource designed for students, teachers, businesspeople, government officials, and tourists seeking a greater understanding of China today.

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2009 | ISBN: 0977015947 | Язык: английский | 2800 страниц | PDF | 89,8 MB

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