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Сегодня — китайская инструментальная музыка, китайская попса (кантопоп и мандопоп) и многое другое, для ушей и души.

George Lam — George Lam 2007 New Album
Жанр: Cantopop (китайская попса на кантонском диалекте) | MP3 | VBR ~200 Kbps | 68,3 Mb
Label: Music Icon Records Limited | June 7, 2007 | Язык: Китайский (кантонский)
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“Veteran singer George Lam has always been a favorite amongst Canto-pop fans. Even after all these years, one would be hardpressed to find another voice quite like Ah Lam. His new album, released to coincide with his concert with Teresa Carpio, contains 12 new songs, all written by the singer himself. The album contains three duets with Teresa Carpio, including “Always in My Heart” (Track 1) and Through Your Eyes and “Anyone Can” (Track 10), the Hong Kong image theme songs for blindness prevention charity organization ORBIS. Other songs on the track list include “Previous Life” (Track 7), “Many Many” (Track 9), and the Mandarin track “My Secret” (Track 12).”YesAsia.com

“George Lam Chi Cheung born October 12, 1947, also known professionally by his surname Lam, is a popular veteran singer in Hong Kong. Lam studied at the Diocesan Boys’ School in Kowloon, Hong Kong. He lived in England, where he studied at Dover College, and the United States (in Oakland, California) for many years before returning to Hong Kong.
Lam was the lead singer for a band called “Jade” until he went solo with his first English album “Lam” in 1976. His first Cantonese album, having the same name, was also released in the same year. He also recorded two versions of the Billy Joel song “Uptown Girl” in Cantonese. Lam has remained popular in Hong Kong for three decades. Unlike many local singers, he writes a number of his own songs; some of them have also been recorded by other singers including Teresa Carpio, with whom he recorded an album.
In addition to his singing career, Lam has also acted in many films, making his film debut in Luckies Trio in 1978. Possibly his most memorable role was as a Japanese journalist in Boat People (1982), directed by Ann Hui.”

Список песен:
01. 常在我心中 [林子祥 杜丽莎]
02. Angel
03. 自由行
04. 流离半世
05. 林振祥
06. Through Your Eyes (Orbis Theme Song) [林子祥 杜丽莎]
07. 前世
08. 问天不应
09. 很多很多
10. 谁都可以 (奥比斯主题曲) [林子祥 杜丽莎]
11. 腹语
12. 我的秘密 (国)

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Huang Jiang Qin — Dong Feng Po
APE + CUE (307 MB) | MP3 CBR 192 kb/s (88 MB) | Китайская инструментальная музыка
Китайское название: 黄江琴 — 东风破

Список песен альбома Huang Jiang Qin — Dong Feng Po:
01 — 偏偏喜欢你 – I Only Like You
02 — 东风破 – The Break Of The East Wind
03 — 吻和泪 – Kisses And Tears
04 — 记事本 – The Notebook
05 — 风含情水含笑 – The Wind And The Water Are Smiling
06 — 秋来秋去 – Autumn Comes And Goes
07 — 一起走过的日子 – The Days When We Are Together
08 — 你究竟有几个好妹妹 – How Many Good Girls Do You Have
09 — 女人花 – The Lady Flower
10 — 情难枕 – The Difficult Love
11 — 晚秋 – Late Autumn
12 — 每一个晚上 – Every Night
13 — 把悲伤留给自己 – Leave The Sadness To Myself

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Формат APE:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Формат MP3:
Китайская музыка — Huang Jiang Qin — Dong Feng Po — mp3

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Chyi Yu — Chyi’s Voice Biography 1978-1990 (齐豫)
(Compilaton of Mandarin Songs)
Жанр: Мандапоп (китайская попса) | Без потерь: APE+CUE | 317 Mb
Label: Rock Records (HK) | Июль 14, 2006 | Язык: Китайский (путунхуа)
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“Chyi Yu has my heart! If.. (when?) Chyi Yu ever comes to Chicago, I will be front row center! I use to blush over having such a childish crush, but not now. Say it far and wide, Chyi Yu is the absolute BEST!!”
“I listen to Chyi Yu’s songs to feel calm and soothed and to attain aural peacefulness at work. She emotes so well that her genuine feelings come across via her songs, deeply stirring my emotional cords”.
“I dont understand Cantonese or Mandarin lyrics but I can tell Chyi’s Voice is really soothing. I cant get that from the HK 4 heavenly king”.
Listener reviews

Список песен (английский):
01. Story of Spring (Chuntiande gushi)
02. The Olive Tree (Ganlanshu)
03. Your Smiling Face (Huanyan)
04. Walking in the Rain (Zou zai yuzhong)
05. The Answer (Dayan)
06. Only You (You yige ren)
07. Raindrops (Yusi)
08. Seven O’Clock (Qidian Zhong)
09. High Heel in September (Jiuyuede gaogexie)
10. Any Words like this (Youmeiyou zezhong shuofa)
11. If You Really Don’t Want (Ruguo zhende buyao)
12. Song of the Boat (Chuange)

Список песен (китайский):
01. 春天的故事
02. 橄榄树
03. 欢颜
04. 走在雨中
05. 答案
06. 有一个人
07. 雨丝
08. 七点钟
09. 九月的高跟鞋
10. 有没有这种说法
11. 如果真的不要
12. 船歌

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Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03 | Part 04

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Liu Zi Ling — Tender Sentiment (DSD) (刘紫玲)
MP3 | VBR ~220 Kbps | 90,3 Mb | Язык: китайский (путунхуа)
Label: Guang Zhou Yin Xiang Chu Ban She | ISRC: CN-F280732600 | 28 мая, 2007
Четыре зеркала: Rapidshare, Depositfiles, Megaupload and Uploading

Список песен (английский):
01. Sing of a beauty
02. Mute Bride
03. Hard to love you
04. The moonlight fulfills the West Tower
05. Person with Long Parting
06. Predestined tie
07. Few Times to Meet
08. Camellia
09. Lady of Du Shi
10. Pursult
11. A wet heart
12. Really Missing You
13. Wipe off the tear
14. Oriental Merchant
15. Giving up me is your fault

Список песен (китайский):
01. 美人吟
02. 哑巴新娘
03. 爱你真好难
04. 月满西楼
05. 久别的人
06. 前缘
07. 相见无几时
08. 山茶花
09. 杜十娘
10. 追求
11. 潮湿的心
12. 真的好想你
13. 抹去泪水
14. 东方商人
15. 放弃我是你的错

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Виктор Ширяев

мне очень нравится 齐豫, из 4х подарочков только она — желанная, и единственная 320 метров….

поэтому просто весь альбом этот вытянул с Байды. Качество херовое, но когда будет не впадлу — скачаю отсюда в хорошем качестве! а пока 320 метров на 4 части с Рапиды — эта пытка не для меня…

Виктор Ширяев

всего 29 мегов на альбом.. правда, без одной песни — 07. 雨丝 , и в херовейшем качестве 106 :)))))

буду качать твои рапиды, эх..


всё роскошно кроме зловредного духа ЛапидэШалэ