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The Chinese Music Ensemble of New York - Beloved Chinese Son
The Chinese Music Ensemble of New York — Beloved Chinese Songs | 纽约中国民族乐团 中国名歌、民歌
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Founded in 1961 by the Director Emeritus Tsuan-nien Chang, THE CHINESE MUSIC ENSEMBLE OF NEW YORK has grown from a few music lovers to the oldest and largest Chinese orchestra in the United States. Its present director is Yu-chiung Teng and its membership of over forty-five members consists of both amateur and professional musicians, who play practically every type of Chinese musical instrument. Recognized as the only full scale Chinese orchestra in the United States, the Ensemble maintains its standard of excellence through a program of musical exchanges with professional musicians in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. One of the main objectives of THE CHINESE MUSIC ENSEMBLE is to introduce the music of China to Western audiences.


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1. Tea Picking and Butterfly Chasing (Chen Tien-ho): This is a folk song of Fujian Province, South China, describing a group of girls chasing butterflies while picking tea leaves.
2. The Shepherd Girl (Qinghai Folk Song): The Shepherd Girl is sad because the mountain is bare, the grass is withered and her master is sharpening the knife. She huddles against her sheep, refusing to return them to their slaughter.
3. Studious Schoolboy (Cuizhou Folk Song): I am not afraid of the scorching sun, nor the fierce wind, nor the pouring rain. What I am afraid of is, if I do not study hard, how can I go home and face my parents?
4. Purple Bamboo (Folk song of Central China): This tune is from the Jiang nan si zhu regional Chinese music, popular in the region south of the Yangtze River. The singer sends a purple bamboo to her beloved so that he can make a flute. The fish and the Mandarin ducks come in pairs and are fascinated by the sound of the flute. They cannot help wondering when can the girl marry her beloved.
5. Red Bean Song (Liu Xue-an): The lyrics came from a poem in the classic novel «Dream of the Red Chamber» written by Cao Xueqin in the Qing Dynasty (18th Century). For centuries in China, red beans were exchanged as symbols of love when lovers were separated. The dawn never seems to break, and tears never seem to dry. Yet their love is like the green mountain that never fades, and the flowing water that never ceases.
6. Love Song of Kang Ding (Sichuan Folk Song): A folk tune of the minority people in the western plateau of Sichuan Province in West China. In the city of Kang Ding, there lives a boy called Zhang and a girl named Li. Under the blessings of a new moon, they fall in love. After all, all girls are meant to be wooed and all boys are meant to be chased after.
7. It is Cold, Cold, Cold (Shandong Folk Song): It is bitterly cold, and yet the moon rises and the sun comes up. Everybody is working towards a bright future.
8. Flower Drum Song I (Anhui Folk Song): With a gong in my left hand and a drum in my right, I shall sing a song. Sad is my fate; my wife has nothing outstanding except her feet which are more than a foot long.
9. Fishermen’s Song (Ren Guang): This theme song came from the movie «Fishermen’s Song» which was produced in the 1930’s, depicting the hard life of a brother and sister, who had only a worn-out net inherited from their grandfather to make a living.
10. The Wandering Songstress (He Lu-ding): In this theme song from the movie of the same name, the songstress and her beloved wander all over the country with her singing and him playing the gin. Always together, they are like one person, never separated.
11. Farewell Song (Li Shu-long): This is the theme song from the movie «Tales from the South City» and was composed by Li Shu-tong, alias Reverend Hong Yi, a Buddhist monk. It describes the farewell scene between close friends at the Long Pavilion in the outskirts of the city.
12. Wading in Snow Looking for Plum Blossoms (Huang Tsu): This short, clear, and forceful song with its vivid imagery was composed in the 1930’s by Huang Tsu, who was a pioneer in modern Chinese song composition.
13. In That Distant Place (Wang Luo-bin): Written half a century ago by Wang Luo-bin, the king of West China folk songs, this song describes his love for the daughter of a village chief in Qinhai, West China.
14. Flower Drum Song II (Knhui Folk Song): Feng Yang was once a rich town, but misfortune befelled us. We had famine nine years out of ten. Rich people sold their cows and horses, and poor people sold their children. Having no children to sell, I have to roam to other towns with my flower drum.
15. Lament of Wang Zhao-jun (Cantonese music): Wang Zhao-jun was the beauty who was sent by Emperor Han Yuan Di (33 B.C.) to marry the king of the Hun Tribe in order to avoid a war. She embarked on the long trek north beyond the Great Wall, carrying her pipa and singing of her sorrow and longing for her motherland.
16. The Mountain is Forever Green (Taiwan Folk Song): The mountain is green and the river is blue. The maidens in Mount Ali are as beautiful as the river and the men are as strong as the mountain. Never are they separated, just as the river keeps going around the mountain.

Recorded July 22-24, 1994 at Master Sound Studios, Queens, NY Master Sound

The Chinese Music Ensemble of New York - Beloved Chinese Son
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